Harvey. Nineteen year-old university student from the UK. Studying Digital Film & Screen Arts at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Enjoys Photography, Film, Music and a little bit of partying.
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Who’d have known your stomach could double as a camera?

Two UK students, Josh Lake and Luke Evans, ate 35mm film and were able to process photos after the film, erm, came out!

Students Make Photos by Eating 35mm Film


The Keychain iPhone Charger is a lifesaver of photos!

You’ll love this little guy because he’s small and light (fits on your keychain!) and gives you a 30-50% battery boost.

The Keychain iPhone Charger is a Photo Lifesaver

I need this

Peace & Love

Agesssssss ago me and my mate went to London to find street performers for our film and we saw this guy who was drawing flags of different countries on the ground. We thought it was a brilliant idea and there were actually lots of people coming around that time. Although some of them have told him off for misspelling some of the countries’ names. He even spelt Philippines wrong but I didn’t mind. 


Cinematic portraits by Michelle Fader

via Art Sponge

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